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Intelligent Transportation Systems Research

    Research Areas

    The ITS effort covers many different topics and technologies including research in control, communication, sensing, electronics and computers. We investigate many, non-traditional aspects of the transportation sciences, for example advanced simulation, virtual reality, remote presence, automated driving, cyber-physical systems, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, computer and communication networking and many aspects of advanced automotive control.

    Umit Ozguner
    Keith Redmill
    Fusun Ozguner
    Ashok Krishnamurthy
    Giorgio Rizzoni
    Eylem Ekici

    Research Activities
    Cyber-Physical Systems: Autonomous Driving in Mixed-Traffic Urban Environments
    Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
    DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges
    MAGIC 2010
    Indoor Testbed for Urban Traffic Scenarios
    Driver Intention Estimation over DSRC
    Cooperative Driving and Convoying
    Intelligent Vehicles
    GPS Based Help for Automated Driving
    Providing a Simulation Environment for Sensor Testing Control
    Research on Friction Compensation
    Lane Recognition for Obstacle Avoidance or Automated Driving
    Vehicle Dynamics and Control Related Research Activity
    Demo’97 Cars, Brake Control
    Truck-Trailer Stability
    Network Related Issues in ITS
    Remote Sensing
    OSU BLIS Tracking All Campus Buses

    Ümit Özguner, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering,